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Day 252

Day 252


 . I don’t sleep at all. I get up at 6:45am and I’m just over it. I look out the front window and see a massive double rainbow over the mountain range. I run outside to the top of the drive and watch it fade away a few minutes later. 

. 3 cups of ginger-turmeric tea. There’s an ache behind my eyes and I can’t breathe. Sagebrush pollen, maybe? 

. Hummingbird. Latte. Maple-pecan scone. Snow-capped mountains.

 . Group hike with the wedding guests. It’s good to be around people again and this group is pretty damn stellar.

. Nala. 

. I cannot stop being amazed by these mountains. I’m basically screaming with excitement in my head continuously. 

. Another rainbow. And then another. I tell them these rainbows are for them.

. I’m trying not to feel awkward in my singleness at the dinner, but everyone here seems to know at least a couple other people and everyone sticks with who they know. I hop between a couple tables and try not to act like a cling-on with anyone. Everyone makes space for me.

. There is caffeine in my allergy medicine. This is why I was up all night. Damnit damnit damnit. 

. Tiny mice dart across the road on the way back to Buena Vista. It’s pitch dark out here and even my high beams seem to get swallowed up. But I can find my way back without GPS now.

. Clear skies tonight. 

Day 253

Day 253

Day 251

Day 251