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Day 249

Day 249


. 6:49am mountain time. Oops. 

. Peanut butter and jelly, trail mix, banana, water.

. National Center for Atmospheric Research trails. The sun is out and the base of the mountain is gold grass.

. Breathing is not easy on the ascents. I’m just stretching my legs, though, and muddling over the choices of hikes. 3 miles later and I’m almost to Chautauqua. Oops. 

. Two hummingbirds dance around each other. I think of Daisy & Floyd. 

 . Next, Gregory Canyon. 4 mile loop. 

. What kind of fuckery is this? First mile straight up. My mental mantra sounds like “oh fuck, I’m dying, fuck me, I’m dead, I’m dying, fuuuuck”.

. I reach the summit and realize I’m at the same place as yesterday. 6872 elevation. Realization Point. No altitude sickness today. Well, that’s something.  

. So much wildlife here. I think about how little wildlife I see in the Red.  Why is that?

. The only other “solo” hikers I see are men. Two days of being outside and no other women hiking solo. I’m genuinely surprised. 

. 2pm and 10 miles. 

. One beer and I’m extra tipsy. Hello mountain air.  Oops.

. I reconsider the 14er I thought I would attempt tomorrow. I want one more day to acclimate. Bear Peak or Gem Lake?

. Tempeh reuben, Big Krame Kölsh, ibuprofen. 

Day 250

Day 250

Day 248

Day 248