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Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in travel, style, and food. Hope you have a nice stay!

Day 273

Day 273


 . She is so sweet in the mornings. I linger in bed, scratching her chin.

. The sun is still low and the fog hasn’t lifted off the mountains yet.

. Golden light and silhouettes. 

. Why didn’t I wear layers? It’s cool in the shade. I hope we can get a seat inside.

. Pancakes + bacon. We look at all the other dishes as they go by. 

. This is my happy place. I’m a different person out here. I remind myself to get out here more often. 

. The trailhead still has plenty of parking spots. I pick a hike with a view today. 

. My flip flop falls apart at Target. I walk through the store wearing one shoe. I’m laughing on the inside, glaring at gawkers on the outside. 

. Ribeye, pomme frites, seared radishes, a red from Cariñena, Spain.

. Crickets chirping. Twinkle lights. 

. Happy. 

Day 274

Day 274

Day 272

Day 272