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Day 267

Day 267


. 5:30am. The alarm scares me awake. I get out of bed and into the shower before I can change my mind.

. I walk to work so I can sip on hot water and honey. Rain drops into my open mug and for some reason I think about those environmental cartoons that talked about acid rain.

. My mind feels slurry. Last night’s cough medicine hasn’t worn off and I am doubtful this coffee will help.

. Bloated.

. Do I complain too much? This is a constant worry. Yet it doesn’t stop me from complaining more. 

. I don’t think there is enough tofu for 3. I’m out of maple syrup. I decide to get wine since I’m here anyways.

. Everything is perfect. Of course it is. 

 . “Mister” Charlie.

. I skip the shower so I can get in bed and snuggle with Ani. I am not a morning shower kind of person but I’d rather have these few extra minutes in bed now.

. No cough medicine tonight. 

Day 268

Day 268

Day 266

Day 266