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Day 263

Day 263

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. I sleep in 10 extra minutes. I’m convinced it should be the weekend already.

. Eyes still puffy from last night’s episode of This Is Us.

. Morning sky, coffee, thinking big.

. Only 3 weeks before she leaves. We haven’t even gone camping together yet.

. It does not take long for the piles to gather. Pillows tumbled on the couch, mail on the counter, books and random bits on the kitchen table, clothes everywhere. I make the bed and wash the dishes. The only two things I can’t stand in disarray. I leave the crumpled clothes where they are. I straighten the books so everything is parallel. That’s better. 

. These pants used to be so loose on me. So much is changing.

. I realize I left my favorite perfume in Denver. The one that smells of smoke and wood. I make a mental note to buy more this weekend.

. A grandmother’s tea cup. 

. It’s not Jupiter, it’s Mars. I was hoping for Jupiter, too. 

. Milo.

Day 264

Day 264

Day 262

Day 262