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Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in travel, style, and food. Hope you have a nice stay!

Day 262

Day 262

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. Orion’s Belt.

. Dawn begins with shades of purple and grey. I can never predict how the sky will change. This looks like the beginning of a dramatic show, but the sky fades into watered down pastels.

. I catch her cheating the system. I pretend like I don’t notice. Later, I’ll think of all the clever things I could have said.

. She brings me chocolate mousse. Her thoughtfulness makes my day.

. I am continually shocked by how many people play Pokémon. She makes friends wherever she goes because of this commonality.  

. I look like a dork in this helmet. I don’t care. Maybe I care a little. But I’m not not gonna wear it. 

. Flavor, Memory, Identity: Food Writing

. I am humbled and inspired by the other writers in the class. I also can’t believe I’ve never taken a writing class outside of college. This is amazing. I have so much to learn.

. I eat a cricket. A first. It’s flavored in sour cream & onion and it gets stuck in my teeth. 

. Bone broth and chicken salad + crackers. 

. Dusk looks like this morning’s dawn. 

. What is my voice? 

Day 263

Day 263

Day 261

Day 261