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Day 261

Day 261


. Bone broth for breakfast. I’m hoping for magical powers.

. Someone has used the parking lot as a dumping ground for their garbage. I feel disappointed on so many levels.

. I read that everything is experienced with many different versions of ourselves. I’m currently experiencing being sick as my 4 year old self. 

. Does Lexington have a pho delivery service?

. “Is this the future?” 

. I always get a little anxious before biking home, but the nerves go away once I start riding. It’s as if I anticipate something bad happening.

. Is that the sound of rain?

. Cat puke. 

. I alternate between feeling really weak to not so bad. The scratch in my throat won’t quit, though. I find some old cough drops in the back of the fridge. I hate this.

. She will have her heart examined on Friday. That is sooner than I thought. Good. 

. I think about my values around relationships. 

Day 262

Day 262

Day 260

Day 260