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Day 258

Day 258


. I just want to sleep in, but she has a very accurate internal clock that screams “feed me” at 6am. 

. There is a mist hanging over everything and the sun has just broke the horizon. The depth of hues is incredible. 

. The vet says it’s dermatitis. Made worse by stress, probably due to my weeklong disappearance. She gets a shot of antibiotics. Now we are driving into the sun and I can’t see anything. 

. Chaga coffee + egg/sausage burrito. I wish I had some fresh vegetables in the fridge.  

. We agree that Kentucky has the best sunsets. 

. An entire afternoon on the couch, editing photos, twirling my hair, contemplating art. I could use more of these.

. It is what it is. 

. Pomme frites. We watch the sun dip into the Ohio River.

. Louisville Orchestra. The music of John Williams. They begin with Jurassic Park and end with ET. The Jaws theme gives the entire audience goosebumps.  

. What is it like to have a mind that can write music like that? And everything he ever wrote was with pencil & paper.  

. The stars are glorious out here. The half moon is oddly low and large.  I follow it home.

Day 259

Day 259

Day 257

Day 257