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Day 257

Day 257


 . Last night’s Benadryl knocks me out but I wake up feeling foggy and heavy.

. The colors of Kentucky sunrises. 

. I ask about the coffee 3 times. The hotel lobby is freezing. 

. I am fascinated by the tornado photos. Sometimes I dream of being a storm chaser, photographing the forces of nature. I double-tap to “like”.

. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

. Partio. The light is that late summer golden that glows off the edge of everything. 

. Frozen pepperoni pizza + tots + pinot gris + tempranillo + condiments.

. She offers to watch the last two episodes of Ozark with me. As long as she’s not one of those people who will talk through the whole thing. She promises. I can’t remember the last time I watched tv with someone. 

. Lou takes turns cuddling us, jumping from couch to couch. 

. I’m jealous of her hawk feather. 

. A late night shower to wash off the bug spray. 

. No Benadryl tonight. 

Day 258

Day 258

Day 256

Day 256