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Day 256

Day 256


. Maybe it’s the Benadryl or maybe it’s being back in my bed, but I sleep.

. The horoscope says that Jupiter has big plans for me. I wonder if this is related to the interview later.

. They seem to really value me.  

. She has a UTI and the sores on her head are much worse. I call the vet. 

. And then I call the insurance company. Colorado seems forever ago.

. The bike gets carried back outside. Bags are unpacked. Laundry is put in the hamper. Floors are vacuumed. Litter is changed. A library run. It feels satisfying to get everything back in order. 

. There is a package in the mail. Her mother’s butterfly pins. And a tiny cat purse for Ani that matches Stevie’s.

. Florence. 

 . She said “I dirty danced with a marine once, and then he kissed me.” 

. Spanish red, a tempranillo grape. Buffalo tuna dip and crackers for dinner. The cracker to dip ratio is off.

. What do I want? 

. Ozark/8. And more Benadryl, just for good measure. 

Day 257

Day 257

Day 255

Day 255