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Day 255

Day 255


. Sleepless. 

. The flight doesn’t leave till 11:30am but I’m anxious. At least the duct tape is still holding the bumper in place. 

. I cringe with every bump in the road. Please don’t let this car fall apart before I return it. Please just let me get on this flight. 

. I find a seat by the window at gate A27. It’s not my gate but it’s empty. I’m so wickedly tired. My eyes feel like sandpaper and there is a permanent furrow between my brows. This is not the face of someone who just had the most amazing vacation. I need to detach from the accident. 

. Chai latte. Banana. Chicken tenders. Everyone sneezes when they walk past the duty-free perfumes. 

. Aisle seat. Cat nap. Dead Pool 2. Ginger-ale. 

. The humid air hits my face and feels amazing. Oh, hello, mosquitos. 

. The neighborhood is showing more signs of fall. There are piles of brown leaves along the curbs.

. Home. 

. Marinera with gluten-free pasta, a Spanish red, coconut oil slathered all over my skin. 

. I don’t unpack.  

. Ozark, season 2, episodes 6 & 7.

. Benadryl. The drowsy-making kind. 

Day 256

Day 256

Day 254

Day 254