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Day 254

Day 254


. Is this insomnia? 3 hours of sleep for the past 3 nights. I’m so tired it hurts. 

. I lie in bed and listen to the Arkansas River and reflect on last night’s festivities. I start to cry and blame most of it on lack of sleep. 

. We meet for one final rendezvous at the hot springs. I sit in the creek with her family and friends and we constantly shift around for the hot and cool spots. Legs on legs on legs. 

. I tell her that it’s something really special to spend two days with strangers who have all gathered to celebrate two people. It’s nothing but love and happiness. It’s impossible to not feel connected to each other in very meaningful way.

 . Buena Vista - Denver.

. I am in no hurry today and take the scenic route through the collegiate mountains. I am constantly surprised by the beauty.  I see storms all along the horizon. I have never witnessed weather like this.

 . A last minute decision to drive up Mt   Evans. 12000+ feet. Echo Lake. Summit Lake. I see the peak and plan to climb it on my next visit.

. I can’t believe it!  Mountain goats! And baby goats! 

. I return back to the interstate where traffic has increased. It’s rush hour going into Denver. I realize I have stopped noticing the landscape and I’m focused on traffic. 

. 30 more minutes to my AirBnB. I cannot wait to get off the road. I hear a loud crunching sound and my body is thrown forward. I scream. 

. A split second later I realize I’ve been rear ended. I’m still moving forward in my lane but something doesn’t sound right. 

. We both pull over. I run back to check on him and see that my bumper is hanging off. I think the rental company is gonna notice this one. 

. We don’t know what to do. People are honking at us on the interstate. I have visions of a transport truck hitting us. He calls his dad. I call 911.  I want to smack his blond dreads right off his head.

. I get asked 4 times if I’m ok. Yes. But I can’t stop stuttering for at least an hour. 

. At the AirBnB I pull up Netflix. I just want to forget the last 2 hours happened.. “Kimberly’s” top Netflix suggestions are thrillers, murder documentaries, and forensic shows. I just want to go home. 

. Sigh... 

Day 255

Day 255

Day 253

Day 253