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Day 253

Day 253


 . 7:30am. Brown Dog Cafe. St. Elmo’s.

. It’s wedding day, but I start with a sunrise drive through the mountains, following Cascade Falls. 

. I hike up Agnes Vaille Falls. A recent rockslide means there are boulders near the top. I’m nervous about another slide happening so I don’t stay long.

. Ribbons and flowers. 

. Everyone is assigned tasks and we all hustle to get everything ready.

. A flower arch + two men.

. We hide in the cabin and spy out the window to watch the groom getting his first look of the bride. We all start sniffling. 

. I love love. 

. Bride. Groom. Nala.

. There’s no need for me to feel nervous. Everyone is welcoming and kind and hilarious. 

. We hug and promise to stay in touch. She and her family are the loveliest and I kinda want them to adopt me. 

. We plan to sneak into the hot springs but plans get foiled, so we pile into a cabin. It’s 10pm but it feels like 1am.  Beer pong, reminiscing, bourbon, farts.

. I insist to the Kentucky crew that we go to the gorge when we get back. Everyone agrees. We’ll see.

. I don’t want to leave, but it’s late and this feels like their time now. Everyone else has gone to bed and it’s just the boy’s that keep the night going.

. No one knows where Kurt is.  

. I’m walked to my car in the pitch dark. A million stars. I’m thankful for good people. 

. I go to bed without washing my face and get a nosebleed. 

Day 254

Day 254

Day 252

Day 252