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Day 241

Day 241


. I sleep in the same position for 6 hours but it's 4:30am now and I'm wide awake.

. I keep thinking about how she sang as she rolled the pretzel dough. The way her voice carried through the garden. Effortless. I wonder what it's like to be the kind of person who sings while rolling pretzel dough in a garden.

. A photo of the sky before the clouds move in.

. What the funk is this funk I'm in?

. It's time for a change.

. 2:51pm and I'm ready for bed. I sip ginger tea, twirling my hair.

. Guilt for skipping the gym today. 

. Supported bridge pose. Child’s pose. 

. I can’t shake it. I find a bit of clarity in journaling, but I still can’t shake it. 

. The Death card. Closure, transformation. Something needs to end.

Day 242

Day 242

Day 240

Day 240