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Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in travel, style, and food. Hope you have a nice stay!

Day 240

Day 240


. A better sleep than I've had in awhile.

. Less phone time and more book time.

. Rawness in my throat. Allergies? My energy is waning again and my head hurts. Ibuprofen helps.

. 8 sleeps to CO.

. It seems everyone is getting sick. Drats. 

. Zinc. Nap. Garlic.

. Mere-bear! 

. Bug spray + blood orange spritzers + free pretzels + girl talk. 

. I just wanted to listen to all her stories. 

. What if you know what you want but you don’t know how to get it? 

Day 241

Day 241

Day 239

Day 239