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Day 238

Day 238


 . 6:30am. Feed the cat. 

. A blue jay feather I found last night. These always feel like such gifts. I place it next to the sage and red cedar. 

. One of the tenants has gone away for the weekend and something is rotting in her apartment. This is not the first time.  I open a window in the stairwell but the stench remains.

. Farmers market haul: baby kale, corn, red okra, zinnias, lima beans.  

. Everything in my abdomen hurts. I’m cycling with the moon again.

. The heat is back. 

. I coax the cooked spaghetti squash out of its skin. I shell the Lima beans that smell like something I’ve almost forgotten. I brown the tofu and wash the kale. Normally this is activity that soothes but today I’m too tired and hurry through it all.

. Family. 

. I’m better when the windows are open. Maybe I am ready for fall.

 . It’s the last full moon of the summer.  A Sturgeon moon.

Day 239

Day 239

Day 237

Day 237