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Day 237

Day 237


 . It’s raining, just like I had hoped it would. The forecast says it will clear up by noon.

. Saturday breakfasts: mushroom coffee, sunny side up eggs, and a sauté of leftovers.  Today it’s spicy sausage, spinach, and corn. I eat at the kitchen counter. 

. So many options to choose from, and it’s stressing me out.  Chores - bicycle shopping - hibernating with books - hiking. I just need to pick something and do it. Weekends are too fleeting. 

. I write my name on the check-in sheet.  Time in: 10:07am. I look back towards the parking area to make sure no one is following me. There is pepper spray in my pocket. I head into the woods.

. The ascent begins immediately.  Straight up to the top. Every step knocks the wind out of me. My legs feel like dead weight.  I only stop once to catch my breath and listen.

. I’m awarded a strong breeze and cloudy views. 

. There is a group of 3. Two women and a man. And an old jack Russell. I take a seat off to the side and the dog runs over. 

. “Her name is Cassie. She’s friendly.” 

. Cassie is more than happy to hang out with me and I’m more than happy to scratch her ears. I used to love hiking with Daisy and Floyd. 

. I’m not trying to eavesdrop but I hear one of the women ask what the other two are thankful for. I notice the solemnity of their postures.

. “I’m thankful for mom...”, the wind carries the rest of the sentence away from me. “I’m thankful for trees.”  “I’m thankful for Gorgonzola in our salads.”  They laugh.

. I think about giving them privacy but they get up before me and head back down. I secretly try to will Cassie to stay. 

. I continue down a less populated trail. It’s clear no one has been down here for awhile from all the spider webs across the path. 

. Every few feet I feel the sticky strands attach to my hands and arms. Twice I get a web across my face and freak out. I think about turning back but grab a long stick instead and start slicing at the space ahead of me as I walk.   

. It works for about 2 minutes and then another web wraps itself around my face. Fuck. This. I say outloud and turn around. 

. Despite only completing 2 of the 4 miles, I’m sweaty and exhausted.

. Time out: 11:40. 

. Fish and chips and gelato and a sunset that burned out too quickly.

. Would you rather...? 

Day 238

Day 238

Day 236

Day 236