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Day 236

Day 236


. Slow moving and a chill in the air.

. Dawn looks like a deep, deep blue descending into orange light.

. I hand over my yearly parking permit in exchange for a bike voucher. For the first time since college, I now walk or bike to work. I'm excited about this change in routine and even more excited about spending less time dealing with traffic on a daily basis. Road rage is not a great look on me.

. There needs to be more space. More time for softness. More doing nothing. 

. Not who I was 12 months ago. 

. It is actually possible to not feel ridiculous doing hip thrusts at the gym. cha cha cha  

.  Dark & Stormy. Minus the lime. Add bitters. Repeat.

. Thinking about how we all go through our own internal seasonal change. Seasons of doing. Seasons of being. 

. Piles of piles everywhere.

. Look up tonight. A nearly full moon + mars.

Day 237

Day 237

Day 235

Day 235