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Day 235

Day 235


. I'm running late but choose to walk anyways. Everything is loud. The garbage trucks, the yelling Pure Barre instructor, the music from a breakfast diner. I walk faster past all of it.

. 6:55am. My stomach feels empty but I'm too hot and lightheaded to eat. Water, then coffee. I don't change into my work clothes for another hour.

. The earth has turned just enough that I now watch the sun break over the horizon by it's reflection in the windows of an adjacent building.

. I revisit texts that come from Vancouver in the middle of the night. Hers: a photo of the forest fire smoke that is settling over the city, blocking out the sun. His: identifying another core value.

. Homesick.

"Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear." - George Addair

. How did life get so busy? How??

. Vegan dinner + a vegan peanut butter chocolate thing that is ah-mazing. 

. Blue Jays. Baby Boomer. Squirrel.

. Satiated.  

Day 236

Day 236

Day 234

Day 234