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Day 233

Day 233


. 5:40am alarm. Snooze. Weather app says rain. 2 minutes later it's hitting the windows.

. I skip the elevator and climb six flights of stairs. I'm hot and out of breath at the top. I can feel my heart shaking my rib cage.

. “the best thing people can do for nature is to stay away from it and let it be” ~ Braiding Sweetgrass

. Today's appetite is as aggressive as yesterday's. The tracker says two more days.

. Pan-fried chicken, caramelized zucchini. It’s too late to make rice. I'm out of parchment paper.

. I feel extra strong at the gym tonight. And confident.  Tarot said I needed to be prepared to play the fool this month if I wanted to see progress. I didn’t expect progress to come so quick. Maybe I’m a “fool” for thinking it could be so easy.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

. It’s a joy to have the windows open. The breeze dances over my skin with a coolness that reminds me to embrace these waning days of summer.  

. I hear UK’s marching band rehearsing from the stadium. Another sure sign that fall is making its way back.

 . The Unbearable Lightness of Being. A borrowed book from 2 (3?) years ago. Everything in its own time.

. Cicadas and fire truck sirens.

Day 234

Day 234

Day 232

Day 232