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Day 232

Day 232


. I dream of a woman made of long, gray feathers. She says she is elder Falcon and I feel peace and healing in her presence. We sit in a field and lay our hands on her soft wings and cry.

. I decide to take the rented bicycle to work but unlocking it in the pitch dark is a big ordeal. I need to figure out a better system. And the creepy things lurking in that dark corner are more than I can handle at 6am.

. So much overwhelm. She says "hibernation" and this is exactly what I need. I go to AirBnB to look for secluded cabins in the gorge and then turn off all the notifications on my phone.

. The condensation on the window is unusual.

. Chocolate zucchini bread before lunch.

. I want this to be the thing that brings the magic back.

. I smile, remembering how she kept comparing my childlike wonder to the little girl with mud all over her bottom. Those tadpoles did remind me of being a kid again, though, and how I would spend afternoons in the shallow parts of the pond, catching them in buckets and studying their various stages of development.

. I have felt so much relief after the last two acupuncture sessions. He's not my favorite person, but he seems to know what he is doing. Do I stay or do I go?

. She’s been extra cuddly with me. She typically reserves this kind of closeness for colder weather. Maybe it’s all the catnip. 

. I can’t keep putting it off. 


Day 233

Day 233

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