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Day 229

Day 229

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. The thunderstorms come through around 4am. I lay awake thinking about how this is going to impact my walk to work.

. I have my parking permit for one more week and it's still lightning outside. I hit snooze and stay in bed for an extra 20 minutes.

. Every limb on my body does not want to be here.

. There is something so satisfying about having a budget and sticking to it. Plus, it’s becoming clear what is important and what isn’t  

. Is it at all possible to not feel ridiculous doing hip thrusts at the gym?

. Cake before the movie. Before dinner, even. Maybe we can sneak the cake into the movie?

. What kind of legacy do I want to leave? Why does this matter now?

. I actually cannot bring myself to read the stories about the whale and her deceased baby and how it took her 17 days to let the calf go.

. Two Delicata and Two Spaghetti. Gifts. I'm imagining the Delicata for breakfast, sauteed in butter and served with crispy cubes of tofu and pico de gallo. 

. Barbera, broccolini + salmon, linguine.

. Leave No Trace 

Day 232

Day 232

Day 213

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