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Day 209

Day 209


. Mars was there last night. To the lower left of the moon, a rusty red glow. Everywhere else in the world, a lunar eclipse was being watched.

. And then we tracked Saturn and Jupiter, too, while someone named McKenzie performed inside.

. I remembered the moth that kept landing on my head and how much she laughed while trying to take it's picture. So much wine.

. "In the desert there is all and there is nothing. God is there and man is not."

. Summer is slipping by so fast and I want more alone time now. I'll be heading back to the meadow again soon for dusk and wildflowers.

. Farmer's market, hardware store, mall. I should make a list of all the errands to run today. I really dislike going to the mall.

. It's cool enough for a second blanket at night. Instead I just pull the extra pillows around me and stick my head under the covers, letting my breath warm me up.

. Two mockingbirds. There is something special about being able to name a thing.

. This morning all the birds are awake and Ani has gone back to sleep. 

. We had so many stories to share, including one about socks and how we have both seen bears in the same place, but at different times.

Day 210

Day 210

Day 207

Day 207