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Days 187 - 206

Days 187 - 206


. It's been 10 days of quiet, but today I cheated for a few seconds.

. I see him everyday in the stairwell at 3:55pm. I say hello now but for months I slipped past quietly. I still regret that.

. Desert Solitaire. 

. Writing has been the hardest thing. I don't even feel like trying and I just want to lose myself in someone else's words. But time is slipping by.

. Capers and anchovies and crushed red pepper. I've never made a marinara like this. I can't wait to taste the wine she has picked out.

. Door to door, it's 27 minutes. 1.6 miles. I know I can do this but it's the winter I dread. Nothing some Hot Hands and hot coffee can't fix, right?

. We absolutely manifested that bear sighting in Black Mountain.

. I just can't do the tourist thing. Too many cheap commodities. Too many people. Give me foggy mountain mornings and from-scratch pancakes any day.

. I love watching them laugh.

. I automatically notice how others place their legs. Rotated femurs, abduction, the ease of their movements. These pangs are of jealously.

. Amor fati. Is it possible?

. Days are getting shorter. I'm close to catching the sunrise from my office again.

Day 207

Day 207

Day 186

Day 186