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Day 362

Day 362


. “winter’s breath is pink.”

. Last night’s discussion on words is still floating through my mind. Her’s: speak, love, courage, sparkle. I can’t remember mine beyond this year. Some years I didn’t choose one.

. Healthy. The word that has carried me through 2018 and that has proved itself in concrete ways. No antibiotics this year. No major illnesses, not even while recovering from surgery. Re-learning how to embrace my aloneness, slowing down, and reveling in doing less. Much less. Acupuncture to help with pain, and a significant decrease in NSAID use. Making rest a priority. Sleep. More books. Physical therapy. Rearranging my budget to allow for more organic produce and meats. Getting outside and into the woods as often as possible. Not dating. Social media breaks.

. Of course, there were unhealthy things that slipped through more often than I would have liked: too much alcohol, excessive meat consumption, gluten and gluten and more gluten (which turns my joints into searing hotbeds of pain), lapses in strength training, angry outbursts, chronic complaining.

. It’s all ok. It’s all human.

. And already I have latched onto the next word, the one for 2019.

. Align.

. To close the gap between what I do and who I want to be. To align my actions with my values.

. I know it’s the right word because my whole being sings with excitement when I think of it.

. And in the between moments of my day, bookmarking plant-based recipes, gluten-free cinnamon rolls, and this vegan mozzarella recipe.

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