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Day 317

Day 317


. The day starts with soft, bulky snowflakes, like torn bits of paper caught on a breeze. I feel like a child, as I always do, at the sight of this.

. I’ve been thinking a lot about the writing process. How there are should’s and must-do’s touted by the experts. I’ve been thinking about the ways I’m struggling and how my November Spirit Animal, a cheetah, is guiding me to reconnect with my purpose as a way of getting unstuck.

. I am not like most people but I am taking the advice of most people. It’s not working.

. So I started over. They say don’t do this, that it’s detrimental to progress. They say, don’t edit as you go, don’t pause, set word counts and time limits and pushpushpush and everyone will think their writing stinks and it’s only a first draft and whateveryoudo DON’T START OVER.

. And I may start over again. I may start over so many times, as I have so many times before, that I will never reach the end and I will succeed in only creating beginnings, pages and pages of them. And I may just have a book of beginnings. 

. (I like beginnings. I really do. Anything is possible then, you know?)

. This new beginning feels unburdened with expectations, silky with purpose. I am taking my time, pausing, pondering the weight of words and how the sentences should lay down. I am building a house.

. And when I’m not thinking of writing, I’m thinking of the creamy Brandy Alexander’s that Anastasia Beaverhausen made this past weekend. Topped with tiny dots of nutmeg, thick and ivory in color. Like a little winter sweater of a cocktail that you want to wrap up in.

. And I am also thinking about the seasons and how we are all slowing down these days in delicious sorts of ways. So tonight I am welcoming in the woozy approach of winter with a vegan version of Brandy Alexander’s, creamy and spicy and warming. Tiny coupe glasses, clinking in celebration.

. Serves 1

  .5 oz brandy
  .5 oz coconut milk (canned, not carton)**
  .5 oz dark Creme de Cacao

  Combine liquids and shake with ice. Strain into glass. Sprinkle with nutmeg. Melt into couch.

** Try to find the thickest non-dairy creamer you can find, do not go low-fat here. This is meant to be decadent.

Day 321

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Day 314

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