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Day 281

Day 281


. First stop, coffee + bagels. 

. Here we are, me and Sarah B., huffing our way up the hill and talking about everything under the moon as girl friends are apt to do, swatting away at every cobweb we walk through, like girls are apt to do.

. We need a stick. 

. And now we are walking and slicing at the air in front of us (like a half-hearted re-enactment of Zorro), trying to take down the cobwebs before they ensnare us. We are in this together, walking side by side. If one goes down, we both go down. But this strategy barely works and we turn back and hope to find a trail that someone else has hiked, thus clearing the way for us.

. We meander to a lookout that is all ours for a little while, mesmerized by the circling buzzards.

. Driving home, we refuel with Ale-8’s and Fritos and candy bars. I assure her we earned these treats. Our sights are on afternoon naps.

. Lunch meal prep for the week is ground beef, sautéed sweet potatoes + bell peppers, and spinach. Low FODMAP. The apartment smells divine and I feel good at having accomplished this one task before passing out with a nauseating headache.

. 3 hours later I peel off the couch, having just finished Laurie Colwin’s “Home Cooking” which is encored by a Googling frenzy because I just have to know everything about her. What follows is an obituary of her death at 48 (heart attack) and a recipe for her mustard baked chicken (of which I promptly pin).

. 2oz of pasta (dried) is a single serving. It’s surprising how satisfying this is.  I add a hardboiled egg, just in case.

. Smoke & Pickles

Day 282

Day 282

Day 280

Day 280