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Day 279

Day 279


 . There will be no sleeping in today. No, today is for chores and errands, and the sooner I get started, the sooner I can get to playing.

. I will not be distracted. I remove IG and FB from my phone and gulp back the rest of the tea.

. EatGirls.

. The farmer’s market has begun to slow down. I pick up sweet potatoes, purple peppers, yellow cherry tomatoes, and a “slicing” cucumber. 

. I celebrate all this productivity with a mid-day Reisling at KY Native Cafe with friends. Two Swallowtail butterflies chase each other and land on her shirt. Someone calls to tell me they have Swallowtail caterpillars in their garden and ask for my advice on how to keep them happy.

. So very ravenous.  

. I’m ready for a doggo. But, of course, I now live somewhere that does not allow them. Ani would be relieved if she knew.

. She has Furmint and I arrive with Campanelle, aka Gigli, and heavy cream. Whoever had the audacity to mix mustard into a pasta dish is an absolute genius.

. I’ve eaten too much. No surprise here. We watch Dispicable Me and I sink into the couch, the sinking made easier by the ton of pasta sitting in my belly. 

. It’s gonna be a good good life. 

. I adore a squeaky clean home. This will last 24 hours.

Day 280

Day 280

Day 278

Day 278