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Day 297

Day 297


. I mentioned in a recent post that I was committed to writing these daily missives till October 31st.

. But.

. I feel I achieved the thing I wanted to achieve on a personal level, which was to get back into a daily writing habit, to hone my observation skills, and to practice moving through the times when I felt blocked or uninspired, without exception.

. And.

. It is now becoming a hindrance to the thing that I really need and want to be focusing on.

. Which is writing a book.

. I am 107 days away from turning 40.

. And I have zero pages written.

. But lots of half-starts and ideas and sentences that come to me at the most random of times.

. I’ll be back here in 2019, with a new focus, possibly a new domain name, aaaaaand mayyyybe a new layout (because templates are fun and I have commitment issues).

. I might pop in from time to time before then. It’s my blog and I can do what I want dammit.

. And in case you’re wondering what’s for dinner…

. A stir-fry of Kielbasa, heirloom peppers, and onions, and roasted sweet potato fries.

. Sauerkraut on the side. My first time.

. And, of course, a glass of Argentinian rose and some of that Humboldt Fog goat cheese, eaten right off the knife.

. xo

Day 311

Day 311

Day 296

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