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Day 295

Day 295


. Even with new, insulated gloves, my fingertips freeze while biking to work.

. If I ever get another job, I will deeply miss these sunrise views.

. Neither of us are feeling it.

. Bouchon au Thons are in the oven and I just don’t know how to feel about these guys. Tuna, creme fraiche, tomato paste, eggs, parsley, and diced onion make up this eclectic, and slightly unappealing, concoction. Mixed all together, it turns into an unpleasant shade of pink flesh (I’ll spare you the photo). But, the French have never let me down yet, so I wait with great expectations.

. But to be safe, I put some okra in the oven to roast, (just in case).

. And if you’re wondering what possessed me to go down this path, well, I had all the ingredients minus the creme fraiche (see: rent week meals from previous post), I like to get weird in the kitchen on a rare occasion, and it’s fun to say bouchon au thon with an exaggerated French accent, not unlike Julia Child.

. The aroma is not favorable. The gruyere is pungent and the color of the bouchons is odd. The flavor is unlike anything I’ve ever had. I don’t hate, but I don’t love it. 

. Dusk + enough breeze to shimmer the silhouettes of the leaves. 

. Mercury glass. 

. Piles and piles and piles of books. 

. The UK marching band is practicing and I can hear the drums through the open window. I imagine they are congratulating me on finishing another book. 


Bouchon au Thon recipe + inspiration

• My favorite way to prepare okra (I skip the aioli)

Day 296

Day 296

Day 294

Day 294