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Day 275

Day 275


. Just as I’m about to leave the apartment, it starts pouring. By the time I make it down the stairs, it slows to a light drizzle. Thank you. I unlock the bike. 

. She’s rough with the needle. I refuse to look at the vials filling up with my blood. 

. Core-gasems. 

 . After pressuring me like a scene out of high school, she cracks open the tube of smelling salts under my nose. It burns. I don’t hate it. She’s always surprising me.

. Work is not busy today. Which leads me to reading things on the Internet, which leads me to wanting to start a different blog, which leads me to consider my commitment issues.

. Things I have and am committed to: pets, arriving early, me time, recycling, moisturizing, dinner.

. Maybe I could start a blog called “Commitment Issues”. I feel certain that domain name is already taken.

. Huh. Oddly enough, it’s available. Is this a sign?

. Buffalo tuna dip and crackers for dinner. The writing class is in a part of town I’m not familiar with.

. I take a glass of wine to the shower and stand under the hot water for awhile. 

. Things I’ve uncommitted myself from: vegetarianism, yoga, flossing, learning Spanish, my marriage. 

. Homework. 

Day 276

Day 276

Day 274

Day 274