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Day 289

Day 289


“The fear that a certain past failure will forever thwart your quest for attaining a cherished dream is a thought that must be banished forever. Mistakes are stepping stones to wisdom.”  I’m listening, zodiac. 

. There are no stars and the crisp air feels good against my face.

. It’s one of those days where I’m just tired of talking and being around people. I slink out of the office at lunch and find a sunny spot behind one of the campus dorms. They have oversized, cushioned patio furniture here just begging to be lounged on, yet I never see any students doing any lounging. What do students do these days if not lounge? I oblige the begging blue patio chairs by sinking down and digging into a book.

. Lunch is leftover rice noodles with shrimp. This time I remember the leggy watercress. I do believe this is my first time eating the spicy leaf and I do not believe it will be my last. I drop a precious shrimp on the floor and gasp in horror. Normally I would never ever EVER eat anything that I’ve dropped onto a hospital floor, but this is SHRIMP. From Argentina. That has been sacrificed for my own gluttony. I wipe it off with a used tissue (my used tissue, I have some standards) and toss it back onto the plate. I reason that I’ve had my Hep B vaccinations and 1 of 2 Hep A vaccinations and this is fine.

. On not being cool enough to hang with Aerosmith:

“I would have no idea what to do with my hands. Like, what is the proper rockstar hand placement?”

“Ideally, it is grasping a microphone, I think. Maybe we just need to carry one around and talk into it.”

“If we are gonna hang with Aerosmith, we need to tie scarves to the microphones.”

“I don’t think they would take us seriously if we didn’t.”

. There are exactly 60 minutes before I have to leave for writing class. I cut a slice of Edward Lee’s lamb meatloaf and add this to a hot skillet with leftover polenta, dodging the popping oil. I’ve been so excited to have this meal. When everything is browned crisp on both sides, I add two handfuls of baby arugula to the pan. It only takes 30 seconds to wilt and then everything goes onto a plate and then into my belly. All of this takes 20 minutes. I use the extra time to prepare a second helping for lunch tomorrow, make the bed, and tidy the kitchen. 

. Yes, lamb loaf will knock your socks off. This is going on my “make often” list. 

. Granular writing goals. 

. Cake and B&B. 

Day 290

Day 290

Day 288

Day 288