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Day 288

Day 288


 . I’d like to fast forward through this vile day and skip right to the middle. The part where I walk home in the rain to my cozy little nest, put on my bathrobe, and make myself a B&B.

. I don’t know how to not let these work things bother me. But they do and they are taking up more of my attention than they deserve. 

. I ponder living on the rural land of Ontario, in a tiny home or a mobile home or any creaky ice fishing hut with heat and plumbing and a place for me to make stews and sauces in the winter.

. The need for change is becoming a foul-odor of desperation. 

. An extra large slice of ginger cake with an extra large spoonful of creme fraiche while I contemplate whether or not I overstepped in my opinions to a friend.

. While FaceTiming all my grievances of the day, I whisk together coconut cream, lime, fish sauce, brown sugar, and olive oil. The watercress gets cut with the scissors, the rice noodles get dunked in boiling water, and the Persian cucumbers are sliced thin. I’ve lost count of how many Benedictines I’ve poured.  The shrimp is sautéed in coconut oil and I’m still in my bathrobe.

. I eat the entire plate before realizing I forgot to add the snipped watercress. Sigh... 

. I switch to water and make apologies for my foul mood.

. The Mind of a Chef, season 4, episode 6. 

. “It’s so good to be classic and not trendy,”  

Day 289

Day 289

Day 287

Day 287