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Day 287

Day 287


 . It will take awhile for the heat to start coming through the radiators. I put water on to boil, set the ground lamb out to thaw, and pull on some thick socks.

. I flip the book open to page 14, Edward Lee’s recipe for herbed lamb which is essentially a lamb meatloaf, and write down the ingredients I’ll need to buy today. His is served with gravy and rice, but I’m thinking a fried, crispy bed of polenta and wilted arugula, instead.

. I sink into the couch with coffee and Blood, Bones, & Butter. I will end up spending the day with Gabrielle Hamilton, alternating chapters of her memoir with episodes of her season on Mind of a Chef. My thoughts are not too far from the sourdough bread in the freezer.  It’s raining and I’m in no hurry to do anything today.

. None of the stores I go to have fresh marjoram. I come home with some unplanned things... a Reypenaer VSOP gouda, watercress, Persian cucumbers. 

. Lunch is leftover ground beef, cubed sweet potatoes, and spinach, tossed with brown rice pasta. Leftovers can almost always be made interesting again by pairing with pasta, rice, eggs, toast, grits, or wilted greens.

. The lamb loaf appears to be done. Juices are running clear. I sample a bite and it’s aromatic and herby and garlicky. It’s also just a tad over salted. I make note to go easy on the seasonings when I prepare the side dishes later this week. This lamb will not be tonight’s dinner.

. “This genuine power makes you gentle.” 

 . My internal clock is aching for a more colorful fall. I walk around the neighbourhood, aware of how green everything still is. If it wasn’t for the pumpkins and potted mums decorating front porches, I’d think it was just a cool, rainy summer day. Ah, but it appears the dogwoods have turned a crimson red! Yesyesyes!

. I pour an appertif of Benedictine over ice and carry my book outside. A charming fellow is standing across the street, snorting back snot and shooting missiles of thick mucous out his mouth. I resist the urge to yell at him and relocate to the back of the building.

. Reworking more leftovers for dinner. Previously cooked chicken thighs, radishes, and sweet potatoes, get cubed and simmered in a coconut curry. I whisk polenta into leftover chicken stock. Everything gets spooned over baby arugula. 

. A mini casserole dish slips from my hands as I’m buttering it and it shatters at my feet. Oops, that Benedictine snuck up on me. 

. Ginger-turmeric tea finishes this day. 

Day 288

Day 288

Day 286

Day 286