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Day 274

Day 274


 . Getting out of bed feels easy today.

. I notice the stars above me as I unlock the bike and walk it up the steep driveway. 

. Neighbourhood porches are decorated with ghouls and tarantulas and tombstones.

. The first day of October. I reflect on how I want to wrap up this year. There will be low FODMAPs, Friendsgiving, a new writing project.

. An opportunity to discover what’s important.

. Bike shopping. Techs and specs and lingo I don’t understand. I feel overwhelmed but I appreciate his excitement.

. Some things never change. 

. Tarot for October: Father of Pentacles (steady, gentle, entrepreneurial) . Spirit: Fish (restlessness, change of focus, lost in the current). The Fish makes sense, but the tarot does not.

 . That restlessness hits and I go for a walk. I want to go to that park on the edge of town that I promised to keep secret, but they close at dusk, so I wander through my neighbourhood and kick walnuts down the sidewalk.

. I let my thoughts go wild. It’s been a while.  

. Flushed. 

Day 275

Day 275

Day 273

Day 273