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#GirlGang Hike, No. 1

#GirlGang Hike, No. 1

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10 adventurous women.

4 canine boys.

A waterfall.

A climb up a pinnacle.

A roadside ice cream stand.

Ciders galore.

Perfect temperatures.

These are the ingredients that made up the first Kentucky #girlgang hike.

I had been visioning a women-only group hike for many months and I knew that I wanted to offer an experience that was more than just about getting outdoors. I wanted to gift the participants with unexpected beauty, community, exploration, wonderment, fun, and celebration. 

Mission accomplished.

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The Highlights

  • We met in Grey Hawk, Kentucky where we helped each other down narrow paths to take in the gorgeousness that is Flat Lick Falls. We were lucky enough to have the whole place to ourselves that morning, so the excited dogs (and gals) got to splash in the water and the photographers got to shoot away without having to work around other people.

There isn't much hiking to do at Flat Lick Falls, so after exploring along the creek and exchanging introductions, we got back in our cars to head to the next adventure.

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  • On the way to the Pinnacles in Berea, we stopped in Sandgap at the Frostyette.

I was sure that everyone was going to be as excited about ice cream cones as I was, but it turns out tater tots were the real hero.

  • After filling up on fried foods and ice cream, we landed at the Pinnacles. We climbed climbed climbed our way to the East Pinnacle (some of the women were ambitious and climbed to two lookouts unintentionally).

Conversations were peppered with laughter and the views were stunning. We rested our bodies at the top, traded snacks and stories, and there was a well-placed pun about bedrock while Laura tried to take a nap.

  • We celebrated our 5 mile hike by meeting back in Lexington where the gals met up at Pivot Brewing for cold ciders and food truck nourishment.

The next #GirlGang Hike is scheduled for October 28th and we're heading to the Red River Gorge!

Trail: Courthouse Rock

Highlights include:

- Breathtaking views (and hopefully stunning autumn colors)
- Famous rock formations
- A rainforest-like canopy that will transport you away from daily life for a little while
- Space to breathe and disconnect
- Hanging out with vibrant, gracious women
- A post-hike lunch at the Red River Rockhouse

A few spots remain. If you are interested in joining (it's free!), send an email to and I'll forward you all the details.

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