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Whipped cream is not basic

Whipped cream is not basic


. Purple morning glories and a hint of pink in the sky.

. The heaviness has lifted for now, but the brain fog is still thick.

. We play out the different scenarios of social media and relationships and respect and courtesy.

. Overthinking everything.

. Well now I want to go kayaking and float on water and not worry about things for awhile.

. How can I do better? Be better?

. Her dress is yellow and insists I get a matching one.

. Salted caramel gelato & a puppy named Roma.

. We follow each other through the library, hopscotching our gaze over Wendell Berry and Silas House and book bindings and art and tiny details.

. I’ve never sat on these steps or seen the city from this particular spot. We watch a plane draw curves in the sky and talk about the things that await us.

. Some nights feel very rich and abundant.

. Bats.



Overheard at a hotel bar, and other places

Overheard at a hotel bar, and other places