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. The sound of the automatic cat feeder filling the tray with kibble wakes me up but the cat is oblivious and so she begins her morning ritual of marching around the apartment meowing (yelling) at me 40 minutes before I have to get up and I commence with my ritual of shushing her away and trying desperately to fall back asleep, which I never do, and sometimes if I get frustrated enough I’ll throw a pillow in her direction (not today) to get my point across, but this never works anyways.

. I drive to work instead of riding my bike cause it’s raining and the bike tires need air and I almost lose it on the person in the white SUV who is so far up my tail I swear I can see the color of their eyes and I consider slamming my breaks just for the satisfaction of having a reason to get out of my car and cuss them out.

. Sometimes the routine of it all is more than I can handle and am I the only one who wonders “is this it?”.

. Vibrating at a very low frequency today.

. The dermatologist says we don’t need to exfoliate, that our skin does the job of shedding itself just fine on its own and this is probably why I’ve had a flare-up. I feel like I’ve been scolded but I don’t tell her that it was a different dermatologist who suggested I needed to exfoliate.

. Puppy interlude.

. They forget that I’m waiting for my prescription. When I mention that I have to leave (25 minutes later), I’m told that it’s been ready and I should have said something sooner. I don’t remind her that it was she who said she would be right with me and to have a seat.

. The apartment smells like the bone broth that’s been simmering for 24 hours.

. There is calm in slicing the squash and tearing the stems off the arugula.

. A walk outside, the smell of spruce, the naming of plants.

. Windows open.

Sweetly By

Sweetly By