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Sweetly By

Sweetly By


. Wine headache.

. Large glass of water, everything outside green, brown crinkled leaves on the driveway and a bunny is making its way through them and I wonder (hope) if a thunderstorm will wander in today. There was lightening in the clouds last night.

. Blood on the floor.

. Laundry day.

. The crockpot gets dusted off and filled with the bones I’ve been hoarding for bone broth.

. I turn off the a/c and open the windows so I can hear the rain, so the scent of it can fill my apartment. The a/c hasn’t been turned off in over a month and without the sound of it’s fan I can hear the woman below opening and closing (slamming) her cupboards.

. A plate of crispy, salted potatoes is it’s own kind of heaven.

. “That he wants the comfort of what he has but that he is uncomfortable with how he came to have it, is one of the conundrums of whiteness.” ~ White Debt, Eula Biss

. Puttanesca + chocolate coconut ice cream.

. It seems we are all dealing with our own versions of loneliness.

. The rain has pushed out the worst of the heat.

. Tell me your stories…



This is water

This is water