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In Dim Light

In Dim Light


. She sleeps on the couch but checks on me in the middle of the night and is standing on my stomach when the alarm goes off.

. Cold brew + rice cakes with hummus for breakfast.

. The left eye has a twitch now.

. Our last meditation class together.

. Pine Mountain Sessions.

. I wonder if he’s on the road yet, heading west.

. The way these white painted floors feel under my bare feet.

. I gather my things back into the car. I’m sad to leave her.

. Broken green walnuts on the driveway. This air is thick but it’s not so bad in the shade.

. A million tiny ceramics. I think I want to do it again. Maybe in the winter.

. I forgot a book on the mantle. And the sugar is in the fridge.

. … describe to me all the things you hold so dearly, bring down your heart from high atop the willow tree…

Bye Bye Bird

Bye Bye Bird

Sensitive Creatures

Sensitive Creatures