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Shaped by the clearest blue

Shaped by the clearest blue


. A slower morning. Coffee in the kitchen. The ending of an unfinished podcast from last night.

. It’s a flurry of catching up on each others stories. Always a priority.

. I make lists of work things that need to get done, meals I want to make, books I want to read.

. A case for neglecting a lawn so that nature can thrive.

. I love that she sees the nerdy in me.

. Rain. This feels like a comfort.

. We barely make it out of the doggy daycare without falling over each other.

. Summer vegetables for dinner. Tomatoes and okra, olive oil and pink sea salt.

. These walks are starting to feel like ritual again. But the bottoms of my feet keep blistering.

. Cuddle puddle on the couch and she wants my plum dessert.

. Mint tea.

Are you leavin’ for the country?

Are you leavin’ for the country?

Coming in hot

Coming in hot