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Coming in hot

Coming in hot


. She asks if it’s a poem. I love her.

. These peaches are ripening too fast and the only way to eat them is over the sink.

. Pine Mountain.

. The differences in expectations, the differences in forgiveness. Egos and sensitivities and woundings.

. I dreamt that we live in a time when it’s too hot to go outdoors. I dreamt of climate change and blistered skin.


. Cold bandanas around our necks. We eat tacos and make fun of the SWAT gang and I give a complete oral dissertation on the evolution of music festival attire. I like the girls with the mocktails.

. A pink sunset on our left, CHVRCHES in front, a bright moon over our shoulders.

. The sky lights up with heat lightening and streaks of electricity and I feel an awe I haven’t felt in awhile. Almost giddy.

. Wigglebutt.

. … if you want another, say you need another…

Shaped by the clearest blue

Shaped by the clearest blue

Soft animal, rest

Soft animal, rest