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being and becoming

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. sunscreen. no makeup. bike helmet.

. Summer is starting to creep into the air. Humid and heavy and it feels good to wear it.

. What’s next?

. … tell me where to land…

. He sends a photo of a moth, furry white with brown freckles and antennae like a fine-toothed comb.Tiger? Ermine? Webworm? It’s hard to not want to know the name of things. It’s hard to let go.

. She has to make the impossible decision and she struggles with the same questions I once did. She’s not ready. You never are, really. Throat hurts from holding in sadness. This weekend will mark three years without the one, two years without the other. So this is why they’ve been on my mind so much.

. Becoming someone worth knowing requires reciprocity and vulnerability. Thank you for sharing.

. Fridge-cold strawberries. File under: Things That Should Not Be

. Are the fireflies there yet? Will this damp heat entice them the way it does me?

. 25 lbs of clay. We start throwing.

. Tamales with a side of dusty. 



dripping with alchemy

dripping with alchemy