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so, good sense can go to hell

so, good sense can go to hell


. The view from the sidewalk will have to do, though over the treetops is where I’d rather be.

. English Breakfast, no cream, raw sugar.

. I don’t realize I’m carrying an Emmy until I’m halfway across campus.

. “Very simple, sir. I don’t want anything. That’s first. Second, live, live in this world. This world is so marvelously beautiful. It is our world, our earth to live upon, but we do not live, we are narrow, we are separate, we are anxious, we are frightened human beings, and therefore we do not live, we have no relationship, we are isolated, despairing human beings. We do not know what it means to live in that ecstatic, blissful sense. I say one can live that was only when one knows how to be free from all the stupidities of one’s life. To be free from them is only possible in becoming aware of ones relationship, not only with human beings, but with ideas, with nature, with everything. In that relationship one discovers what one is, one’s fear, anxiety, despair, loneliness, one’s utter lack of love. One is full of theories, words, knowledge of what other people have said; one knows nothing about oneself, and therefore one does not know how to live.”
~ J. Krishnamurti (The Flight of the Eagle)

. Travelers travel because they are always dissatisfied with the place they are in. Is this true for you? Is this true for me?

. Who were we before this? And she says Our Jupiter’s not the same.

. Sunscreen stained vinyl.  

. Sun’s out and we go walking. It feels like a very long time since we’ve communed like this.  A much needed thing. The birds sing and we are too early for sundown.

.  Sugar cravings are back.

. Bénédictine + Divisadero

a preoccupation with texture and light

a preoccupation with texture and light

come kick your feet with me

come kick your feet with me