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a preoccupation with texture and light

a preoccupation with texture and light


. “There is the hidden presence of others in us, even those we have known briefly. We contain them for the rest of our lives, at every border that we cross.”  ~ Divisadero 

. Dreams about black water.

. A warm biscuit, wild blueberry jam, hot coffee
swirled with cream
On a porch somewhere
Overlooking mountain valley mist.
Cravings and cravings.

. Sigh...

. Now the redbuds and tulips. The dogwoods are still green in their infancy, but it won’t be long. Lucy has a new spring haircut.

. The tactility of yellowed paper. Ocean-worn wood. Calloused skin. Cold cast-iron. Again.

. Mary Oliver, always finding me.
Everyone wants to know what it means. But nobody is asking, How does it feel?
The words coat my thoughts, a slick of hot motor oil.

. A touch of melancholia.

. Anatomy of a violinists bow: cheek, chamfer, ebony liner, lapping, frog mortise, parisian eye. The way the bow hair frays and becomes filaments of movement, an extension of music, of body.

. Did you find your osage orange?

a timeless zone of inertia

a timeless zone of inertia

so, good sense can go to hell

so, good sense can go to hell