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in anticipation of sleep

in anticipation of sleep


. 5:42am. Dog barking.  

. The horizon is a creamy orange swirl. 

. Internet and phones are down everywhere. Green tea + early morning texts to everyone. AirBnB booked. A message from a lost friend.

. A recipe for lavender bitters. I’m going to need a lavender garden. Or someone with a lavender garden.  Or someone who will let me plant a lavender garden in a sunny spot of their garden.

. Now I want an ice cream sammich. 

. He is making matcha tea for his students. The ritual of making it, the chawan and chasen, the joy on his face, the sweets on a plate, these things matter.

. France vs Brazil.

. Florence Williams + The Nature Fix. It’s nice to see the auditorium so full.

. From the top of the parking garage I look for the sunset, but a group of students are practicing cheers and another is on a trumpet and I don’t want to interrupt.

. Pro move.

. “And he wasn’t all that afraid of revealing his weaknesses to others — an unusual quality.” ~ Men Without Women

come kick your feet with me

come kick your feet with me

the moon needs time to become full

the moon needs time to become full