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the moon needs time to become full

the moon needs time to become full


. A night full of starts and stops.

. Sunrise photos from far away.

. Bone-deep tired and 4:30pm seems like it will never come.

. I feel like I know. I also feel a bit foolish.

. GRs & ARs and this is all jibberish to me. Maybe I’m just too tired. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten an entire bag of sweet potato chips.

. Lou’s friend is coming to visit.

. Thinking about road trips and the desert and how it always pulls me back. Maybe it’s the vast spaciousness of it all. Maybe it’s just where nightfall feels like something I can kiss.

. Mary Oliver. Again. There is a thing in me still dreams of trees…

. Flower buds against lips and they taste like honey water.

. Bacon jam + wild mushroom triple cream brie + Campari sours. Birthday dinner for her.

. What could this body know?

in anticipation of sleep

in anticipation of sleep

a carefully curated life

a carefully curated life