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a carefully curated life

a carefully curated life


. A crisp crescent moon. 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Spilt coffee grounds on the floor.

. The veil between this world and the spiritual world is thin. Spirits of loved ones will be close including our dearly departed pets. 

. It’s not like I hadn’t resisted this for weeks. But giving in brought the sweetest sleep.

. Now I can’t stop thinking about potato gnocchi with pork ragu and I wonder how long before the days turn too warm, when I might find a grey afternoon to sip some wine and roll out the dumplings.

. Wiosna. The Polish word for spring.

. I’ll be static cling and she’ll be a ciabatta sandwich. Yes, there was a bun pun, I think.

. Dusk smells like crushed grass and dew and something I cannot name but wish I could and I want to linger here awhile.

. Her 7 things. 

. I try not to think about how I could have burned the apartment down.

. … lambent light…

the moon needs time to become full

the moon needs time to become full

the spaces between everything

the spaces between everything