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and the good that we have all done is already written down

and the good that we have all done is already written down (9).jpg

. 1am. Eyes wide open.

. Where is my toque? Did I leave it at the bar? In the cab? They can’t remember if I was wearing it. I check under the bed cause Ani likes to steal things. I find a lost chapstick instead.

. The way the snow is heavy and wet and quiet,
how it rests on every tree limb.
Feels like a Mary Oliver poem.
Does anyone catch snowflakes on their tongue anymore?

. Nous échangeons des photos de nos vues enneigées.

. We huddle in the back of the art museum and share our stories in loud whispers. She touches the art. She does what she wants, always. I follow her around, taking her photo, pointing to my favourites. We never have shared the same tastes.

. Still with the butterflies. Her mom called them flutter-byes.

. I DID leave my toque at the bar. 

. It’s hard to be engaged in tonight’s science talks. Lack of sleep has caught up and I’m crashing.

. She reminds me that our 2 year friend-iversary just passed. Two years! We joke that we are dating each other, but really we are just an old married couple.

. Tarot + mint tea + Killing Eve. 

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nothing belongs to anything

nothing belongs to anything