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life in the boundary layer

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. Rested.

. It’s nice to wake up to daylight. Feels less jarring when you don’t have to stumble around in the dark to find yesterday’s socks.

. Earl grey + oat milk meditations.

. I wonder what it would be like to be an art student. To study and learn and create under the guidance of others. I wonder what it would feel like to pass time working with clay and metals and fabrics. To know how to turn a feeling or memory into a physical thing.

. I wonder about this little life of mine.

. This tornado drill is likely to set-off another series of recurring dreams. We all touch the green Severe Weather Shelter sign. It feels like recess for a moment, kids unleashed from their cages. The hallway amplifies our laughter and turns them into echos.

. There is no such thing as balance. Rather, we are now in a state of constant re-calibration. She understands. I appreciate how we speak each other’s language.

. Why does meeting someone new always bring up feelings of inferiority and insecurity?

. I remind her that I don’t have a dog, after she brushes her crumbs onto my floor. 

. The science of improvisation.

. #lyftlife

nothing belongs to anything

nothing belongs to anything

the virtual world isn’t the real world

the virtual world isn’t the real world